Pledge by Nominee for Election to Board of Directors

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As a nominee for election to the Board of Directors, I have read our Homeowner Association's Bylaws, CC&Rs and Rules.

If elected to the Board of Directors, I pledge to do all of the following:

  • Comply with the Association's Bylaws, CC&Rs and Rules as they exist unless superseded by law;

  • Obtain the advice of experts, if and when appropriate, including attorneys, construction experts and others;

  • Read the Davis - Stirling Act at least once each year when the yearly amendments become available and to comply with the law;

  • Read the management agreement in effect between our Association and management company so that I am aware of the management company's contractual responsibilities and those areas where it has no contractual responsibility;

  • Pay my assessments before they become delinquent and strictly comply with the governing documents of our Association;

  • Attend all board meetings and homeowner meetings unless it is absolutely not possible to attend;

  • Accept no compensation from the Association, members of the Association, or vendors and contractors providing goods and / or services to the Association;

  • Comply with the Open Meeting Act as set forth in the Davis - Stirling Act;

  • Make certain that agendas are posted and / or distributed to all members in advance of Association meetings and that minutes are taken and maintained of all meetings as required by law;

  • Hold annual elections for the Board of Directors according to the Association's Rules, Bylaws and California law;

  • Provide members of the Association with an email address so that members can make direct contact with me, if required;

  • Obtain a reserve study from an expert in the field every three years, and to review and adjust it annually between reserve studies as required by law;

  • Avoid conflicts of interest with the Association if possible and to recuse myself from voting on a matter where a conflict or the appearance of a conflict exists;

  • Adopt realistic annual budgets each year in order to avoid the hardship and liability associated with special assessments;

  • Honor my fiduciary duty to the Association at all times by placing the Association's interests above my own personal interests;

  • Read all written contracts with contractors and vendors so that I am aware of their obligations as well as the Association's obligations; and

  • Treat other board members, homeowners, vendors, contractors and management company representatives with professional courtesy and respect at all times.

I have carefully read and understand this pledge and promise that if elected to the Board of Directors of our Association, I will honor it.


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